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Blending flavours from all around into uniquely curated dishes only found here at Okra!

Established in 2017, Okra by swg is an extension of SWG, an event planning organisation. Okra envisions the formulation of an eccentric fusion cuisine that appeals to various cultures and likings. In hopes of cultivating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for friends and families, Okra’s speciality ShellOut is one that promotes bonding and a hearty sense of togetherness. As massive fans of seafood and shellfish, the people at Okra now offer a variety of interesting flavours to choose from when enjoying the seafood platter with your loved ones. Served with our one-of-a-kind ‘Aurora Rice’, also known as ‘Nasi Hujan Panas’, this flavoured butter rice features as one of the restaurant’s staples.

Not forgetting about Okra’s distinctive Starters and Mains, our menu caters to the tastebuds of all – from Ramen Wings to Pulled Beef Burgers to Coconut Chilli Pastas and more! Beyond cultural influences, Okra’s Fusion Cuisine is one that believes in the saying ‘Old is gold’ – revisiting recipes passed on for generations on end, like the Chef’s Recommendation of Grandma’s Laksa Tenggiri with Lobster. This Fusion Paradise makes the perfect new hotspot for explorers of flavours and interesting cuisines!

Located in the enclave of busy yet refreshing Arab Street, Okra aims to be a ‘must try’ for both locals and tourists, looking for exciting food ventures! Tucked along Jalan Pisang, the restaurant exudes a chill and cozy ambiance where friends and families could come and hang out. Decked in a dashing shade of blue, coupled with gold accents, the exterior truly stands out as an Insta-worthy shophouse! From neon lights to murals to canvases, its interior is fully furnished to impress. The dim lights and soft vinyl music all around builds a mood for lighthearted chatter and memorable quality time spent.

As for the late night seekers, Okra is just the spot you are searching for! This Muslim-Owned Restaurant is one of the very few Halal spaces open past hours! Okra offers everything from eye-catching Mocktails, to mouth-watering Custom Shakes and divine Butterscotch Beers and more! Craving for something sweet besides drinks? This Fusion Paradise also serves in-house baked specialty cakes including popular local flavours like Ondeh-ondeh, Putu Piring and Speculous! Putting Okra top of the list of places to frequent for drinks, desserts and spectacular vibes!

The ethos.


Family-owned Business Venture

Our Vision

Through delicately fusing marvellous tastes from around the world with traditionally iconic local flavours, Okra by swg aims to create an elevated dining experience through carefully curated presentation in a cozy ambiance, without compromising its authenticity.